С аккордами

99 Dead Baboons by Tim Cavanaugh, Tune 99 Red Balloons
A Bomb For Hussein by Barnes And Barnes (tune-horse With no Name)
A Chat With Your Mom by Lou & Peter Berryman.
A Modern Major General
Boot to The Head by The Frantics
Brains Santa
Camelot (monty Python)
Cascadilla (с аккордами)
Clone of my Own (tune: Home on The Range)
Computer Man
Cycles For Nothing
Deteriada (national Lampoon, Spoken Solemly)
Don't Know Much About History (dan Quayle)
Driving Wreckless "c" 1990 David j. Hinz
Enter Saddam
Evariste (с аккордами)
Existential Blues
Fifty Ways to Hose Your Code
Frontal Lobotomy by Dr. Rock
Goin' Speedy (to The Tune of S&g's Feelin' Groovy)
Hello Mother
I Did it Their Way (tune- my Way)
I Like to Hack!
I Love You a Function And a Set (i Love You a Bushel And a Peck)
I Wanna be Promoted (с аккордами)
I Want an rt
I've Build a Better Model Then The One at Data General (mod. Maj. Gen)
It's The Real World After All
Ivory Tower (с аккордами)
Jedi Brown
Jingle Bells
Just Say no (с аккордами)
Life Sucks Then You Die.
Light of Day (с аккордами)
Modern Young Professional (tune of Modern Major General)
Mr ed (the tv Theme)
My Favorite (computer) Things
My Favorite (dirty) Things
Negative Scratch
New Kids Got Run Over by a Reindeer
New Math (tom Leahra)
Nirvana - Nevermind
Nuclear Winter Wonderland
Oily in The Mourning (tune: What do You do With a Drunker Sailor)
Plastic Jesus (the Gold Coast Singers)
Polka Dot Undies (dylan Pastiche|benny Bell Pastiche)
Poppies! Poppies! Poppies! Poppies!
Roll in it (с аккордами)
Shaving Cream
Short Term Profit (с аккордами)
Silicon Valley Guy
Star Drek
Star Trekkin'
Star Trekkin': The Next Generation
Superpolylogarithmic Subexponential Functions
The Boys of hp (tune 'the Boys of Summer' by Don Henley)
The Empirical Strikes Back (by Dr. Jane)
The Gov'ner Who Never Returned
The Longest Path
The Scotsman
The Smoke Off - Shel Silverstein
The Swapper
The Twelve Days of Halloween
The Vatican Flag
The Vatican Rag
Three Minute Hamlet
Threes, Rev. 1.1 (tune by Leslie Fish, About Engineering)
Tune of Tom Leahra's Alma
Unix Man
Vlsi (с аккордами)
Waiting For The Sun
Wet Dream
White Collar Holler
Wobblies From Space (star Trek Song, Leslie Fish)
Write in c (tune of Let it Be)
Yuppie Drone (by Pheremones)