This guitar won't kill your fascists
This guitar never killed anyone
This guitar is not as charming as a gun
This guitar is never sure
This guitar is scared of you
This guitar is looking for a son

But you
You think the world's a book to read
And all you see are happy ends
I need my means I need my doubts
I need my friends
I need guitar

This guitar has had its dreams and
This guitar it sometimes bleeds and
This guitar it needs a simple mind
Once this guitar thought it knew everything
Everything a guitar could do but now
This guitar is learning all the time

But you
You would not understand sublime
Not if I carved it on your arm
In letters of quicklime this is not show
This lives this breathes

This guitar is all I use
To drain away those guitar blues
Then this guitar makes its excuse
And leaves

This guitar blows hot and cold
This guitar needs truth to be told
This guitar it wants to change your life
You say this guitar touches you
But you know you touch this guitar too
And you know this guitar will survive

I need you
You must realise that there are stars beneath the skies above
And that this this is not peace this is not love
This is my heart
This is guitar

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