Мир песен

With my faded map thirty years old
And the landscape’s changed and I am moving too slow
And people notice my quaint dress
I ran the last five miles breathless

And the sky looks like oil and the warm rain hurts
As I stumble along past the haunted dirt
Of the broken pavements of this couldn’t-care town
No orders came down with me when I was beamed down here

I am alien
I was built for another world
I am alien

I’m the kind of creature dogs never bite
Women don’t run to men never fight
A translucent hitcher with nothing to say
I was born yesterday I was born just yesterday

I carry messages in language
I do not understand
I am alien

Come hold this alien’s hand

With my worn-out name in another man’s shoes
And these alien streets I wander through
Grattan hausmann la guardia wren
Proud departures garbled ends
Just stone to clean just stone to mend


Are you alien as well?