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Fat Lady Sings — World Exploding Touch

I used to float six inches off the ground
I was too weightless to ever be hurt
And I never knew the truth about untrue
Until I saw you in his shirt

It’s always small things that break you open
They’re the only things sharp enough
The soft goodbye brush of your hand upon my face
Your world exploding touch

It’s a secret
That I was never told
Love’s a cruel firework
Love is to burn ’til you’re cold

Now I know how you feel when you feel too much
And I know what it means when you mean too much
And I know how you taste when you taste too much
I feel your world exploding touch

And yes I know nobody lives forever
And some day soon we’ll all be gone
But I think I’ll recognise your touch in disguise
When that day wanders along

So don’t keep secrets
This life is too hot and too short
Love is outlaws
Love is to steal ’til you’re caught


And this bedroom door that hangs forlornly open
And the sheets upon the bed that I won’t make
And the soft morning light that tells me
There’s no point in fighting for you
One touch is all you’re going to let me take
They say that you will never be a writer
Until you find something that you can believe in
Well I believe
I believe in you
You win