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Fat Lady Sings — Johnny Sunrise

«You’re a star,» he says, «you’ve bottled your grace
It’s a laugh to watch you try to keep pace
With the steps we made together one night with beer
And you called me Johnny Sunrise.»

Johnny Sunrise walks away from me
Takes his time and he takes me too seriously
Locks his thoughts away in a box he built
While I was gone
Johnny Sunrise

But remember the bite of those November nights when we rode out
To fight for the light of our lives to be turned out
Sweat and perfume and new bread as the moon faded
Stumbling home spilling out stories we wouldn’t forget in a hurry
But then we weren’t in a hurry

Our faces are mirrors lines and scars that we’ve earned
All the classes we missed all the lessons we learned
All the roads that we took that took us apart
Now you’re sitting there saying, «Let’s go back to the start.»
And he says, «Lose that luggagge let it all go
Job you got job you lost what it cost al lthe things you now know
All the girls you once had and the man that you are
Let’s climb off this world again
And climb into my car
Let’s climb into my car
Drive away in my car.»

Spilling out stories we wouldn’t forget in a million years
But then we didn’t have a million years

Hurry up