And the girls go out
And it's a date
And the boys stay in
Now it's too late
Still I fall in love
Six times a night
In vain on sight

And this bottle
Laughs back in my face
See how easily I lose my place
And the way I look tonight's a crime
Where does the time go?
Where has the time gone?

But if I held you in my arms again
This time I'd never let you go
And I would feel the universe for you
And I would let you know

We don't leave ourselves in many things
Just in letters leases writs and rings
And when the last one's sold or lost or gone
We don't belong here


And the stupid bells
That hang around London town
They cannot pick me up
They cannot dust me down
Things would always have turned out about this way
Where there's an up there'll always be a down you say
Where there's an up there'll always be a down

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