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Big Ed — No N’gga

Kick cock the fo’ mack, pick up the keys beneath the do’ mat
Watch the pigs on horseback riding, secretary at
Leave you by the Marriot, my pussy cats found a rat
Don’t over react, we’ll bring the black macks hit em then evac’
I let my do’ stack, see I’m the quarterback if the attackers try to sack
I hit em with the block in full backs, when I attack
Niggaz found the slow packs, bust black in combat
But you should know that, my pussy cats work the clubs where the ballers be at
Chit chatting about putting bricks, where these squash be at
Got em holding the cat, so dark and call a boo black
Dipping like a acrobat, sucking and make you hunch back
They told me that we got some new niggaz, in the habitat
Trying to overthrow this diplomat, ready to swing like he at bat
A nigga named Blackjack, trying to make his transact
He say he fucked the forces, hit em with the thunder clap
So I cocked it back counter attack, leave em in the coldesack
Fuck if it’s that, I’m quick to strike like a diamondback
These niggaz ain’t about combat just irritate like nats, gotta hit em with the venus flytrap
I’m scared of no nigga, we can go to war nigga
Every nigga think they the baddest, to these hollow tips nigga
I’m scared of no nigga, treadmill niggaz running in place
So what you got a vest, I’ma shoot you in the face
I’m scared of no nigga, I don’t care about your past
How many you blast, cause fucking with me you ain’t gon last
I’m scared of no nigga, jump in the water if you wanna
Don’t say I didn’t warn ya, you fucking with parranhas
Sitting back two black gats, one by my nutsack
The other on my lizzap, he pulls up in the Cadillac
He’s fucked up off the cognac, watch him smoke a twen’ sack
He passed the bud gave me dap, I hit it passed it back
He got the eyes of a maniac, I told him that
Now the cat, got the niggaz by the laundromat
A lil’ runned down club where I slung crack, pigs tried to end trap
Guns clap, bust at them bitches with the get back
When I got back, flipped the game like a flapjack
Tried to rack up bitch niggaz, make me switch back
Murder tack get the automat’s, we stole a pint of yack
The pussy cats got the rat, astroners bring the mouse trap
Nigga we harder than curdle backs, make you spit up blood and gurgle that
From the drama I began, niggaz scat
Say my name to be like where at, from rain get a snow cap
Ninphomaniac done dipped in zodiac, they use to day lapse
Rocked the lines in red like she was gift wrapped, I use to hit that
Fucked her in her ass crack, cause she loved the deep impact
She’s in the club with nine cats, she asked where we at
We on our way, just don’t let the niggaz extract

Got to the club pulled around back, bouncing they pack
I hit em with the land gat, ha now you got cataracts
He left the backdo’ cracked, V-90 cocked the mack back
Walked in heard two females, up pass the back
Now reverse that blow back, I’m bout to cause a mishap
I’m killing anybody, smelling fishy like a hubcap
Now there go Bobcat, I call a pyromaniac
Cause my nigga hit her bad back, she burned him in the sack
Approached my wildcat, body full of tats say don’t mash a cat
She’d love for you to beat that, why cat
Let the bitches eat that, I freak that
Wrapped a brother day on some payback, but she don’t know that
Half Black half Jap, ride your dick if you a cardiac
Fuck all night, can’t sleep like insomniacs
I told her I’ma holla, getting side tracked
Where’s that hoe Night Cat, been in ten minutes she starting to heat up my thermostat
Turned around, where the fuck is V at
Speakers pop and gave him feedback, mic in hand on stage a Night Cat
Then Snow Cat, I played the war like it’s go plat
Up both straps, ready to counter act