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Big Ed — Head Busta

[Chorus — x2]
We some head busters, nigga we don’t quit
We some head busters, don’t make me bust your shit
We some head busters, rounds and we split your bricks
Don’t start no shit there won’t be no shit
[Big Ed]
I bust shit, gush shit, with multiple gats
Bitch I was raised in this shit nigga pray for combat
Military minded rough, rugged and raw
I got Tank Dog niggas, Special Forces and S.A.W.
Ready to bust shit up, ready to fuck shit up
We come fully strapped to burn the whole block up
Now that’s a wrap like anaconda
My whole team moves in silence like a stealth bomber
Now you don’t want to fuck with that, get the gat, clack when I cock
It back, and start wiping motherfuckers, off the motherfucking map
Walk on the set, guess who’s back, time to show
It on me when I say Big Ed be putting it down like that
Bones crack, niggas hurting, got em down
And now I won rushing fuckers to the surgeon
From multiple gun shots, retaliation on your spot
Like Lil Wayne said the block is hot, ha ha
[Chorus — x2]
[Big Ed]
Big Ed the Assassin, I gets my, blast on
What’s that the fucking rollers and get my, dash on
No Limit talking name a show I didn’t act a ass on
Took my shirt off on stage quick to get my flash on
Find me in the streets hustling getting my cash on
Federalis trail getting they harass on
And if you talk shit you get slashed on
Niggas who talk, they don’t last long
Spit rounds at your car, make you get your crash on
What you know about mud I use to get my hash on
Keep g’s in my safe bitch I got my stash on
When it’s time for a hit, loc up and mask on
We do it everyday ask Mr. Serv-On
He’s a head buster quick to get his swerve on
Bust a bitch in his head then I get’s my laugh on
Fit the piss out a pussy cause I get my smash on
[Chorus — x2]
Don’t start no shit, there won’t be no shit [x8]