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Big Ed — Get ’em

Fuck that nigga man, get that bitch
Fuck that nigga man, get that bitch
Fuck that nigga man, get that bitch
Get that bitch, get that bitch
I’m in your face now nigga, what you wanna do
I’ll put these hands on you nigga, and leave you black and blue
And ain’t a chance on you nigga, motherfuck your crew
Them niggaz ain’t gon want no part, to what I’m bout to do
It took a minute to find you, but now I got you I caught you
You’s the niggaz I been looking for, infrared dot you
Send this bitch, to the doctor
If I thought you had a ounce of heart, bitch I’d pop you
Nigga, you been barking up the wrong tree
Somebody should of told you, bout fucking with me
Let em know the fire, your next of kin
Now this nigga, wanna play shy and shit
Won’t even look a nigga, eye to eye and shit
So I put him in the blender, fixed that bitch a drank
Got a jaws washer, to give him time to fucking think

I got another nigga in the club, macking a bitch
This nigga been hating, cause his hoe sucked my dick
This nigga drove a Benz, and his pop’s was rich
Square ass nigga always driving, through the hood and shit
Called my voicemail huh, and sait it was on
I guess my big dick, broke up his happy home
But uh, don’t hat the player hate the game nigga
As fine as she is, you would of done the same nigga
He soft, he played like a kitten
I laughed to myself, and said oh no he didn’t
So I tapped him on his shoulder, said what’s happ’nin
He said what’s up my nigga, I said no bitch what’s happening
He took a step back, and said dog it ain’t like that
He jumped I jumped, then I layed him on his back
If you yap we scrap, ain’t no escaping that
Ha, Big Ed be putting it down like that