Мир песен

Big Ed — Battlefield

[Chorus — x8]
Lets take it to the battlefield
To the battlefield
[Big Ed]
Don’t talk that mess on whack
You could turn around and catch a slug in your back
Battle rap, say dog I ain’t down that
That went out with LL said the ripper’s back
Cause now-a-days fools spray with automatics
Leaving eachother lying wet on they back
Over some-thing that they spit on a track
It got me wondering, what happened to rap
If you got a problem player come see me
The one to hear to hear about it on a tape or CD
Especially talk about what you gone do to me
Now you got a answer to the soldiers I feed
I take war to heart boy I don’t play any games
I’m the type of soldier rearrange the frame
Respect for support, or it’s curtains man
I catch you down bad and put it on your brain, forget about it
[Chorus — x8]
[Big Ed]
It gets real, haters mess around and get they whole click drilled
But animae, because they got they caps peeled
I guess it’s true what they say, coming out for a deal
I’m hear to let you know that I’m not that figure
Unless you looking for the one behind the…
I put this planted chest in lungs and liver
I attack like crocodiles at the end of the river
Dog assassins got to move in silence
Don’t you know mercenaries thrive off violence
I got a team of villains that’s ready for war
I put the hungry soldiers uncut and raw
You will never see me till I’m in your face
Cock the two and clap it and disappear with no trace
You could mess around with all that yapping
I’m about acting, steel-toes attraction, fool what’s happening
[Chorus — x8]