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Biafra Jello — The Myth is Real — Let’s Eat

In San Francisco you can be mayor at 18
But ya gotta be 26 to drive a cab

What goes on
Is not what we’re told to see

Patrick Henry said «Give me liberty or death»
At the time he owned 65 slaves

The myth is real — Let’s eat

Fake patriots say you can’t burn the flag
But guess who whines the most
’bout having to pay taxes
To their country
Cover up
Dow Jones
Where’s home
When everything we lean on
Is up for sale

Ad lady purrs, «Drink our liquor, you’ll get laid»
Next billboard says, «Don’t drink and drive»

What goes on is not what we’re told to see
Panic! Panic! War on Drugs
But you can buy beer at gas stations

The Myth is Real — Let’s Eat

Pagan priests first used perfume
To mask the smell of burning flesh
Back in ancient Rome
The statues were unscrewed
Leaders change — just replace the heads

Cover up
We are
In life
Roulette wheel
Or the ball inside

Anyone out there stopped to think
What our lives might be like today
If Karl Marx was as good a salesman
As Walt Disney

The bacon brought
You home to cook
The lobster lets
Itself get boiled
Looks too hard to climb
Out of the pot with all the crabs
Fear the unknown —
Who taught you that?

One hundred million trees a year
Get made into junk mail no one reads
What goes on is not what we’re told to see

Half of all Americans don’t read books
I’m one of them, but you’re reading this

The Myth is Real — Let’s Eat

General Robert E. Lee
Freed his slaves before Grant freed his
Brian Willson’s legs
Severed by a train
The crew sues him for stress

Levis were once made of hemp *
From the marijuana plant
One acre makes four times more paper
Than an acre of trees

More protein than soy beans
Threat to logging companies
Du Pont and tobacco barons
Got it banned in ’37

The world is made of connections
So many sheep in wolf’s clothing
Scary times are never dull
How long before our empire falls

No one wants the Pentagon
Toilets for six hundred bucks
Japanese spend twice as much
On pinball as defense

Meanwhile concerned citizens
In Albany, Oregon
Try to ban a book
‘Cos it makes fun of Santa Claus

We’re told 80% of people like the President in the polls
While only 15% believe he’s in control
And 64% of lowans surveyed
Want to be reincarnated as themselves