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Biafra Jello — Convoy in The Sky

(Billy Clark)
The night was dark and stormy
And the roads were wet with rain
As Jimmy Jones rolled on and on
His destination Maine
He’d like to stop and rest awhile
But the freight just wouldn’t keep
His body ached his mind felt numb
His eyes had closed with sleep

He thought about the tiime he lost
With a woman Mary Lou
And then his thoughts turned to his wife
He’d promised he’d be true
Temptation had stepped in his path
And he had failed the test
But if he stopped he knew his conscience
Wouldn’t let him rest

Roll along (roll along)
Roll along (roll along)
Convoy in the sky
Convoy in the sky

There in the night he saw the lights
A truck stop just ahead
One cup of coffee he would have
Enough to clear his head
As he stepped on the running board
Strange music he did hear
And suddenly before his eyes
The truck stop disappeared

There in it’s place a trailer sat
The color black as death
And seated there beneath the wheel
Sat the devil himself
And Jimmy’s heart was filled with fear
For there before his eyes
A caravan of trailers came
A rollin’ through the skies


The riders told of deeds they’d done
And detours they had made
Now driving for the devil
Was the price that they had paid
There is no time to stop and rest
He heard the devil cry
As he led that convoy on across
The dark and stormy sky