Мир песен

Far off in a distant land
A man lying dead in the sand
Lying by his side was a song
Written down on a parchment fair
Overgrown with ageing hair
You could see this man died alone

>From riding shotgun on the 4.42


Riding shotgun was his dream
But he’s fallen dead it seems
Riding shotgun on the 4.42

When the sun it got too hot
I was glad of what I’d got
Living on the food that I found
Twenty minutes left to go
Another town’s in sight you know
Think I’ll rest my boots while I can

Riding shotgun on the 4.42

Here comes Lucy Springer
You know that she’s a ringer
She’ll take you for a ride for awhile
You know that she looks fancy
Much more slick than Nancy
You know you’ll have to pay for a smile

Riding shotgun on the 4.42

I know that I ain’t been mean
And I always kept my sixguns clean
And I feel I’m at the end of my road
I’ll make way for someone new
Do you think it could be you
As I lie face down, dead in the road

Riding shotgun on the 4.42