Мир песен

Edge Graeme Band — Lost in Space

I’m just in space, like the rest of my race
Changin’ cells from the day I was born
But I’m still the same, though the meat has changed
Something’s holding me together, that’s for sure

I find myself suspended in a vacuum
A vacuum that goes either way
But there must be something else to it
‘Cause the sun comes to me everyday

When I see the truth, I see it with my own imagery
It’s my brain lying, trying to make me see
That the truth is so big that it runs eternity
And small enough to fit inside of me

Far away past a star into the void inside of me
Or smaller past the atoms that have nothing inside
Just the same as a car or a leaf or a star
Cannot move without a command
Something moves me and without it I’d be no more living
Than a hole in the sand

Hold my hand feel its warm touch from the fire inside
Hold my heart feel its beating how I can’t decide
I don’t control my sleeping or when I dream away
But there must be something to it
For I wake up everyday