Мир песен

(feat. TC)
[Big Ed]
I guess it’s true what they say, opposites attract
You won seven diplomas and placks, and I was pulling jacks
Never knew our two worlds would collide
Go inside, to see my future in front my very eyes
You walk that walk, talk that talk
But witnessed that your bite is as real as your bark
I swear I’ll never mess over you
Treat you like a queen is what real soldiers do
And I’ma honor that, you got a problem where’s the drama at
I got a duffle bag filled with macs, ready for combat
And nothing hurts you, girl I got you
God sent me down as an angel to watch you, for real though
[Chorus: TC]
Me and you, forever I’m in love with you
Never thought it would come true
That I ain’t met too many men like you
You and me, together in eternity
Only if the world could see
How much you really mean to me
[Big Ed]
I saw unite as one, never knew being in love could be this much fun
September 24th, gave birth to my son
97 god came when his life begun born out of triple darkness
360 degrees is what we’d teach him
Have him decipher die unless he’s trying to reach him
Pegonistic holidays is trying to preach him
Paying attention except for tied, trying to leach him
I can yell it means soldier
You chose a name of strength so it could shake you and mold you
And you’s a perfect mother, his first teacher
Elevate your mind to a higher plain and he will meet you
[Big Ed]
How much you mean to me, you mean the world
Head strong like Oprah but in a scent like a little girl
That’s why I hover over you
Making sure that these ill streets, could never harm you
So here, take this lady smith and wessin
Bust first later for questions no second guessing
Just make it home to me, I’ll make it home to you
Bust, scratch, fight, do what you got to do
Cause the plan is to grow gray together
Heart to heart we could make it through any stormy weather
Thanks for being right there, I’ma be right here
Forever and true, have no fear
[Chorus — x2]