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Shelter — Civilized Man

There’s a war in the day no peace at night
There’s blood on the hands of man yet we don’t sympathize
The meateater kills the cows they just don’t depersonalize to justify
Their own lust as they helpless die
And it’s ironic how we cry for world peace but the violence won’t
Decrease unless our murders cease. So understand in the slaughter-
House who’s the beast and I demand that the innocent be released

Well I’ve tried the best I can. I’ve tried to understand
Civilized man so-called civilized man
Yes I’ve tried the best I can but who can understand
Civilized man?

Guilt free so-called morality . Fallacy. The 4 foods groups just
Western medicine quackery
(meat would be) $35 a pound but our taxes subsidize as 35
Million starve as gormandize
The grains that could feed the world go to their to industry to
Fatten up the cattle for death and I protest
Rain forests once here kiss goodbye the biosphere ozone nightmare