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Shelter — Song Of Brahma

A show in Buffalo and you would never know the effect it had right on me.
And everything was fine, so many kids in line.
I was feeling good within myself.
Then six guys ad a gun and I saw people run.
Baseball bats were swinging and little kids went down as they beat them to the ground.
And I stood stunned just singing??¦????ake me today?br> Closed my eyes and prayed.
As the Song of Brahma was running through my mind.
It never seems that this world?¦? ?? a dream and K.C. looked at me and said,
?¦?????ife and death, it?¦? ?? just a matter of time.?br> Ran to the van but we were blocked in.
We were helpless and prayed for connection.
So we all gathered ?¦?? ?? ound chanting transcendental sound for shelter and protection.
But my number was up next and they beat me with a stick.
My own blood made me blind.
They beat me from behind but running through my mind The Holy Name?¦? ?? reflection.
Kneeling on the floor and bleeding more and more.
But now the drama?¦? ?? ending.
We?¦? ?®e all players on a stage filled with joy and rage.
But he curtain?¦? ?? soon descending.
?¦??¦?¶uz in this world there?¦? ?? death and danger at every step.
So what?¦? ?? our meditation?
I had a precious gift.
I knew my mind was fixed,
a chance to view perfection.