(Darryl Cherney)
Well I come from a long line
Of tree falling men
And this company town was here
Before my grandpappy settled in
We kept enough trees a-standin'
So our kids could tow the line
NBut now a big corporation came and bought us out
Got us working overtime

But tell me
Where are we gonna work
When the trees are gone
Will the big boss have us wash his car
Or maybe mow his lawn
I'm a man, I'm a man, I'm a lumberjack man
But I hear it ain't for long
Where are we gonna work
When the trees are gone?

Now these corporate mergers
Make no sense to me
But they got this junk bond debt to pay
So we're clear-cutting all the trees
Now that old fishin' hole
Where I used to take my son
We trashed it out last Monday morn
Oh Lord, what have we done


Now these Wall Street money men
They got me MAD
I've got a family to feed and falling trees
Is the only job I ever had
Say now folks, we just can't stad here
While this slash and burn goes on
We've got to slow down this big corporation
Before all the trees are gone


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