Мир песен

El odio no me acosa
El dinero no me atrae
Si piedro todo, no me importa
Solo tengo un camino: la libertad!

It seems like I got no voice, can you hear me? Listen to me!
It seems like I can’t be heard, are you with me? Listen to me!
Never step back, never look back — It’s your decision
Look at your life, are you still alive? It’s revolution!

Never give up — Never give in
I’m never gonna give it up again

I see in your eyes: you all wanna rise — You ought to better
Forget the lies, throw off all disguise — Do you remember:
You are the boys who started the noise — I wanna hear you!
Never resign, don’t say you don’t mind — It’s all up to you

Can’t stop — All we want is our tomorrow
This time — The only thing you gotta do is to follow
And our dream will be real

I hate what I see but I gotta see — The fake smile of a
king for a day, I’m sorry to say — But I don’t wanna
play this game, a fight for the fame — It’s gone too far
We’re the sound from the underground — That’s who we are