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Dark Funeral — Vobiscum Satanas

Music By Lord Ahriman. Lyrics By Emperor Magus Caligula.

Vobiscum Satanas.
Cursed Nazarene, Impotent King.
Behold Great Satanas.
As He Drives His Nails Deeper
Into Thy Hands.

The Weak Fugitive God Eyes,
Cries Holy Tears Of Blood.
As The Evil One, Press Down
His Crown Of Thorn.

Ego Vos Benedictio.
In Nomine Magni Dei Nostri Satanas.
Ave Satanas.
Ave Domini Inferni.

Oh, Crusified Nazarene,
Where Are Your Powers Now.
When You Are Faceing, The Greater Force.
Cursed Nazarene, Impotent King.