Мир песен

Waltari — Slow Thinking Street

Music by Hatakka-Waltari
I live on slow thinking street
that’s the place where losers meet
it’s easy for them to have a ball
‘cos the losers think so small
It’s a long long story to tell
once we lived there so well but
the smog of hatred came into our mind
the only ability we found was to bind
Slow thinking street
My body wants to shake your mind
oh honey, you can be of any kind
rock on ’till the morning comes
we will be the kings at once
Too tired to think anything
feels like a bird with a hallow wing
the only thing that comes into my head
is how to have you in my bed
Slow thinking street
Breake the fog,
dance the beat
stomp your feet
(my head’s like an exploding balloon)