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A Cadence Of Sorts — Save It Girl (We Know Your Intentions)

Fire, Fire. I’m not ready for this. Another night well spent on a hit or miss. My calloused sides are turning blue. Hold close to me as I lean to you. A subtle wink and a casual stare. Our hearts both racing, we dance on air. To speak or be spoken to? My cheeks are flushed and I’m focused on you. I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you (tonight we’ll rest with arms at ease). But I’m not falling, not falling for you (tonight we’ll rest with arms at ease). I’ll capture you on shores of gold. I’ll sit relax as let it unfold. the pout of your soft lips and the rough graze of fingertips. So angel spread your wings. Sing something soft and comforting. I pray this finds you well. With regard I dare not tell. All of our flaws we’ll dare not mention (I suppose it was mine). Even though I had the best intentions (I suppose it was mine).