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Ian Hunter — Psycho Girl

(honest john plain)

If I’d known then what I know now
I’d do it all again ’cause I’m crazy and how
About my mixed-upmessed-up pretty little psycho girl
I should’ve given her a swift body swerve
I didn’t so I got what I deserve
A freaked-outspaced-out crazy little psycho girl

Psycho girl — look what you’re doing
How come you have to be this way?
Psycho girl — you’ll be my ruin
With the softy things you do — the silly things you say
Oh oh psycho girl

She’s my cross to bearmy ball and chain
A monkey on my backshe gets into my brain
But I love my washed outfreaked out psycho girl
Yeahif I’d known then what I know now
I wouldn’t change a thingno way no how
’cause I love my blown outzonked out psycho girl

So what if she’s mixed upmessed upfreaked out
Washed upfucked upspaced out
I’m no doubt — I’m crazy about my psycho girl
Psycho — psycho girl