Мир песен

Powergod — Powergod

Gods from another point in history
Making it right
The way you want it to be
You don’t who they are
Or where they’re coming from
The only thing you know is that it makes you strong

Come join the crew
Something old something new
Enemies are gum
That we are going to chew

And if you don’t know
What we’re all about
Just learn the words
Raise your fist and shout

We came to fight
In the night

`Cause we are
Go down on your knees and pray to
Powergod God

Now you know who we are
And what you’ve got to do
We wanna kill you stereo
Gonna break it in two
With drums like thunder
Guitars and bass from hell
And the siren’s screaming sound like
Hell’s bell

Deep inside your heart you know it
This is really true
Come on tell your friends about it
What they have to do
You know there’s no denying
Gotta face the truth
Even the road to ruin
Has a toll booth