Мир песен

O.K. Ready to take off
Do it slow
I’m living on the bottom
I got to go
Five little fingers
Grabbing at the glass
Gone, those days
Now I’m running
Up and down in my cage

Too late to defend , I’m buried — insane
Don’t you know there’s more to life than to win
Are you that kind of stereotype?
It’s no time, there’s no time
There’s nothing I could answer

No Speech
As long (as) I get nothing
No Speech
As long (as) I get nothing
But I want to get home
Let me free, this is not my home

Put away your flashing stick
Don’t try to get closer-through my head
Give me a little bit more of your own
A little more, don’t wanna be
Anybody’s clown

Repeat bridge

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus