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Ice T — Money, Power & Women

[Chorus 2x]
«You gotta make the money first»
«Then when you get the money, you get the power»
«Then when you get the power, Then you get the woman»

The problem is you broke, You ain’t got no car or job
You slow with youer hustle, You dress like a slob
Ladies ain’t looking for no brothers like this
They want the dub-twisting ballers with the ice on their wrist
You gotta get your cash right to get in the game
Might have to pull a pistol, Flip some caine
Get out in them streets and hustle hard in the rain
Take your come up and reinvest to the game
«You gotta make the money first»
You need a lot to go far
What you think is rich, I just spent on a car
What you think is paid, I just blew on a watch
What you think is wealthy, I just dropped on a yacht
Flip the street cash and try to pick some stocks
Kick back in your pad and watch it roll like crops
But it really ain’t that easy, Or we all would be rich
One mistake, You’re broke, The come up’s a bitch
Make the right moves and forget about sleep
concentrate on the paper chase, Join the elite
Few dun got mad cash and money to spend
Money to straight blow and money to lend
And only then, You made it past stage one, My friend

[Chorus 2x]

Now you got the money and the cash flow thick
But you really ain’t nothing but a richer trick
Just because you’re paid, you can still get thick
By your low life homies or skanless bitch
You gotta move it around, put it in the right hands
Maybe a judge, Make a PA your friend
Understand what really moves the world
Recognize what really moves these girls
Juice is more important than cash for real
Money you spend, But true power you feel
It ain’t that easy to reach
Respect is about the hardest damn thing in the streets to get
Make your moves correct, Watch your crew
Watch your back, They watching you
Anybody round you has gotta be true
Or you never make it past stage two
Listen, when you get the real true power, You know
People will feel you, Wherever you go
And when you really max this game
You’ll never have to say your name


Now you got the power, It’s on, My friend
Cuz the one thing women love is powerful men
The one thing women hate are brothers that bend
They act like they like ’em, But they only pretend
They wanna be with that man in the V.I.
They don’t wanna stand in line
You outta your mind?
That other player’s got cash, But no juice
Cuz the powerful men get to choose
From a multitude of women that be steppin in crews
Willing to do much more than before
Give you quick brains, It’s insane
Just what the woman’ll do just for you
Cuz if you got the power, Then they gets it too
If you rollin benz, Then they rollin too
If you livin phat, Then they ballin too
That sounds stupid to you, Not to me
They winning one move when it takes us three
Cars, Big houses, And shopping sprees
While most of us see the penitentiary

[Chorus 2x]