Мир песен

let’s drive away
my day’s wide open
get in my car
i’ll let you ride shotgun
i love the way you look at me sideways
if you don’t mind, i’ll stare at you straight on
come on let’s go
will you bring your falling angel?
you know i’ll bring mine
i want to know precisely is it just a matter of time?
until you realize
i would drive you anyplace (let’s go)
and i would go anywhere if you’d promise to be there
can i learn from your graceful tantrums
i’ll want to use more than a witness
sit back in time
follow the northern line
i got it wrong
you always get it right
i don’t know why it’s gotta be
you’re to lost to follow me
you’re to shy to want to see that you’re the
soundtrack full of scenery
the noise that filled my head at night
did you ever dream of me in that light?