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B2k — Feel This Way

Why, why would you make me feel this way
Make me feel like we would never separate
Made me feel like you wanted to be my girl
When knowin you only wanted to be friends

Like best friends were the words you said to me
Got me wonderin’ to myself how could this be
The way we touched was more than a fantasy
Jus knew that what we had was more reality
My wifey is who I thought you’d be, maybe one day raise a c.h.i.l.d
Broke my heart when you didn’t wanna be with me
And all this time I was a fool in L-O-V-E


Beautiful, baby that was you and I
Now everyday I gotta sit and wonder why
The way we kissed, got a feelin deep inside
What I’m hearin girl, it has to be a lie
How could you just kick me to the side
You never even gave this things a T-R-Y
Don’t understand these feelings you trying to hide
Now all a sudden you be actin F-U-N-N-Y

J-Boog Or Raz-B:
How could you do this to me
Your led me to believe you wanted me
And now I can’t change how I feel inside
Girl, tell me why….