Мир песен

Falling ringtone on your mobile phone
Show me the real you
I want a conversation
Let me in on what
You’re all about now
Don’t want to waste my time
Don’t want to feel you out
Just give something solid
To hold on to

You’re falling
Why can’t you just let go

Let me come inside
I want to test your lies
When will you give into me
All you want is
Right before your eyes
Yeah you can trust in me
If you can be yourself
Just give something solid
To hold on to

Why you give this pain I feel this
And I hate the walls you built
To keep me away

Sometimes I wish you would let
Me in or open your eyes
And watch me walk away again…

Your falling can’t you stop this
Now your breaking down
Rise up, bare this weight for me
Dozen Furies (a) Lyrics