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Firehouse — Don’t Treat me Bad

I never thought you’d hurt me
I guess you live and learn
That when you’re playin’ with fire you’re bound to get burned
I’ve been mistreated, I’ve been used before
I get kicked in the face, still I come back for more

But I won’t cry no more….’Cause the tears are all in vain
We can pick up the pieces, and start it all again
Let’s just get back to the way it was before……]
Oh, girl, I can’t take anymore….

Baby, don’t treat me bad
Well, this could be the best thing that you ever had
Baby, don’t treat me bad
Well, you can do anything, but baby….don’t treat me bad
Oh, don’t treat me bad

I gave it everything, but you threw it all away
I can’t take anymore of these games that you play
I’ve been through heartache, and I’ve been through pain
And it’s hard to believe you still treat me this way

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Oh, girl, I can’t take anymore……..
Oh yeah…………..
Now, listen to me…..

Repeat Chorus