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Nirvana — Do Re Mi

If I may
If I might
lay me down weeping

If I say
What is right
I might be dreaming

If I may
What is right
So many time, see me heal

Those years in the vomits
A phrase from his pocket
And chains holding the wind, I won’t be

Do re mi

If I may
If I’m right
wake me up, see me

If I do
If I like
Find me how to see me

If I may
Cold as ice
I may, how to see me

Praises in hi socket
Play it for his moment
A chase from his socket I will need

Do re mi

Wish me good
Wish me light
Break me down, see me

In you way
Just be quiet
Follow hate, bleed me

Yell or wail
If I sigh
Think me how, TV

If I may
If I might
COME AND GO, please me

Praises in his pocket
Praises from his moment
A chase from his own in my tea

Do re mi
Don’t rape me