Мир песен

Ian Hunter — Dancing On The Moon

(ian hunter/darrell bath/honest john plain)

(transcribed by colin ford)

Well I climbed through the fenceout with the (? )head for the river plate(? ).
The river’s not tameheat in the city meant dogs can’t smell the same.
Don’t wait upI’ll be home soonbut I can’t come now cos i’m
Dancing on the (dancingdancing) moonyeah.

I crawl like a snakeseen a better daybreakI sleep when I’m wide awake.

All my body’s achin’I know they’re tryin’ to break mebut that’s a chance i
Gotta take.
Ohdon’t wait upI’ll be home soonbut I can’t come now cos i’m
Dancingdancingdancing (dancing on the moon) dancingdancingdancing on
The moon
All right.

I’m outside a memphismy motors little danger(? ) she gives me
Knowin’ my friendsthey help me beat the hangmanthey know I’m innocent
Well that’s all rightI’ll be home soonbut I can’t come now cos i’m
Dancingdancing (dancingdancing) on the moon
(dancingdancing on the moon) .

I can see your house in between the trees
I can feel your body shakin’ in between my knees.
You know it feels so lowI come so far
I always love to have some fire on me

You’re looking so good

Well I got me a roomcan’t say where it isyou can guess the address
Well I need some moneyneed it in a special placenot try the weaknesses(? )

Wake up (? )nursin’ my woundsI told you I was cominI was comin’ home soon. yeah.

(want youwant youwant youwant you right away)
((to fade))