Мир песен

(ian hunter)

(transcribed by colin ford

Chinachinathe evening’s moving in
See yousoon nowthe boat moves with the wind
ChinachinaI can see the harbour lights
Light yourfirewe’ll be warm tonight

Chinachinathe thoughts drift from the sea
I’m dreamingof youwear your dress for me
Chinachinathe oceans on the wheel(? )
The seagulls flying lower now
China I can feel you by my side
Across the bayacross the tyne
Can you hear me say

Chinachinawear your hair down low
Ladyladyyou’re frozen to the bone
Chinachinathe catch was good today
The oilskins clinging to my back
And the lantern gently sways

Oh don’t you crythe kids to bed
Didn’t mean the things I said

Chinachinathe years go rolling by
LaughtersorrowI will not make you cry
Chinachinathink before you speak
Always remember the ocean hauls as deep
And if I’m tired of feeling low
Don’t let me sleepyou know

Chinachinathe men are on the quay
Drinkingsmokingtalking quietly
The water’s calmer now
All my work is done
So chinasee ya.