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Ice T — Check Your Heart

Yo Ice — We heard what happened man
We heard some niggas ran in on you man
Yeah yeah, shit was fucked up man, it was real fucked up
Don’t worry — We know who did it
What’re you talkin about man?
The shit just happened like 3 hours ago
Yeah — but we know who did it man… it was your boy
What? Naugh man I’m not trying to hear that
Yo listen man, it was your boy man — He talks a lot
I can’t believe this shit man, I grew up with this nigga man
This motherfucker, I would’ve died for this nigga man
And this nigga set me up?

You’re now fucking with your last nigga
Quick to blast nigga
Gauge Masturbator
Chest Plate disintegrator, rider
I never wore no mask, wacked the witness — vestless
I’ll put you on the graveyard’s guest list
ICE — cause I lack all emotions, I’m heartless
That’s why I can’t figure for the life of me
You’d want to start this
My crew is bottomless
Street Lobotomists
Gun slingers
Glock cocked and diamond ringers
My nigga got shot but still alive
He took a full clip from another player’s 25
And he said he’s rolling with me, if you’re coming
I told him, stay home, rest up, I got enough gunning
Ballin’ rag Rolls riders
Blood letters
Money getters
Life betters
The last thing I heard you say you said I was a dead man, bitch
I’ll put you right into gun point, you snitch
Now I know your plans are rolling on me, late when I sleep
Why don’t we do this man to man? Let them bitch niggas creep
I still remember in the days when we was friends chillin
Now it seems you going to have to be my next killin

You wanna go to war, nigga tell me why?
Punk niggas talk shit, bitch niggas die
I never backed down and it ain’t no time to start
Let’s take it to the streets and I’m a check your heart

You must be death wishing, what’s up? You know my steelo
Got love with the illest of blacks and amigos
Your jealousy is outta hand, I can’t fuck wit’cha
And all your so-called down niggas, say good luck to ya
They know you’re off the hook and you’re soon to bleed
My reputation states that I kills with speed
More drama than a rap verse
You’ll feel the mack first
In your back first
Then the black hearse
Goddamn, I can’t understand the drama why?
To tell the fucking truth I thought your crew was fly
Now you’re talking that shit like a bitch on the rag
Don’t give a fuck about your set or the pants you sag
I drop a hot one in your forehead, neck and mouth
Then rush a hospital and bank ya if you don’t check out
Cause I’m a mad nigga once, a crazy nigga twice
A cold blooded motherfucker, that’s why they call me ICE
And if you told me this would happen
I would said never — no, we down forever — we flipped keys together
Now the street talkers say you want my spot
A lotta niggas did, A lotta niggas shot


It’s obvious some sucka niggas got ya gassed
Let’s see if they around you when the gunshots blast
It ain’t nothing nice, letting off slugs under the street life
Early deaths, dry gags and last breaths
I seen your time before you want — war till it’s on
How to fuck with the king, when you’re a bullshit pawn?
I can’t comprehend your stupidity, miscalculation
Word to obstetricians show your crews anhiliation
Predicted, Brains get evicted, Fuckin with me kid
Bullets lift your lid
And watch your weak kool aid heart run down the drain
I got the Method Man who came to bring the pain
Let you know quick, niggas suck dick if you trip
Used to be my homie, now you just a punk ho bitch
Frustration leads to aggravation and dismay
Now you’re player haten, but that’s the wrong game to play
I light your block up, kidnap your moms — snatch your woman
You beg for me to stop, but I’ll just keep coming
You’re fucking with the illest fool in Southern California
I can roll with ya, or motherfuckin’ on ya


Yeah, I know the real nigga can feel this.
This is dedicated to all my «friends»