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Billy Bragg — Between The Wars

E: 13 Mar 1998 15:36:06 Z
From: «Boulton, Nic»
Subject: TAB:/b/bragg_billy/between_the_wars.tab
On the single (AGOEP1) and the CD version of Life’s a Riot, but this is
Tabbed from a live arrangement. Play these chord shapes with a capo at
The 5th fret to be in key (C) with the recording.
G Am C (G) D Em C D G C
E ——————————-2*————-(2)———————
B ———1—-1—————-3*—-0——1—3———————-
G —-0—2—-0——————2*—-0——0—2—0——————-
D —0—2—-2—-0————0——-2——2—0—0—2—222222-2——
A —2—0—-3———3—2bp0———2——-3——2—3—333333-3-2-0—
E -3———————————0—————3——————3
G Am C (G) D Em C D G
E ——————————-2—————(2)—————2-3-2-
B ———11—1——————3-3—0——1—3—————-3-3-3-
G —-0—20—00—————-2-2—0——0—2—0————-2-2-2-
D —0—2—-2—-0————0——-2——2—0—0——————-
A —22—0—-3———3—2bp0———2——-3——2——————-
E -3———————————0—————3——————-
I w miner I a do-o-ck-er I rlwymn btwn t wars
D Em C (G) D Em C D G
E —-2———0—————————2—————2—————
B —-3-3——0——-1——————3—-0*——1—3—————
G —2—2——0-0——0——————2—-0*——0—2—0————
D -0————-0—2—2—0-0———0——2*——2—0—0————
A ————2——3————3-2bp0———2——-3——2————
E ———-0———————————0—————3————
I raised family times aus—terity swt fndry btwn the wars
D Em C G D
E -2-2—0—————0———2————————————2*
B -3-3—0——0—-1-1—0—(0)—3-[let ring]————————3*
G -2-2—0—-0—-0-0—0—0—-2————————————2*
D -0-0—0—-2—-2-2—-0—0—-0————————————0-
A ————2——3-3—-0—2——————————————
E ———-0—————0-3——————————————
I pd the union as tms gt hdr I looked to t govt to help working man
G Am C (G) D Em C D G
E ——————————-2*—————(2)——————-
B ———1—-1—————-3*—-0———1—3———————
G —-0—2—-0——————2*—-0———0—2—0——————
D —0—2—-2—-0————0——-2———2—0—0—-2-2222222—-
A —2—0—-3———3—2bp0———2———3——2—-3-3333333-20-
E -3———————————0—————-3—————-3
Bt thy pty down ar-mou—ry armng pce boys btwn the wars
G Am C G D Em C D
I was a miner, I was a docker, I was a railwayman between the wars
D Em C G D Em C D G
I raised a family, in times of austerity, with sweat at the foundry b t w
D Em C G D
I paid the union, then as times got harder, I looked to the government to
Help the working man
G Am C G D Em
But they brought prosperity down at the armoury, we’re arming for peace,
See boys, between the wars

G Am C G D Em C
I kept the faith and I kept voting, not for the iron fist but for the
Helping hand
D Em C G D Em
For theirs is a land with a wall around it and mine is a faith in my
Fellow man
D Em G D
Theirs is a land of hope and glory, mine is the greenfield and the
Factory floor
G Am C G D Em
Theirs are the skies all dark with bombers and mine is the peace we knew
Between the wars

G Am C G D Em
Call up the craftsman, bring me the draughtsman, build me a path from
Cradle to grave
D Em C G D Em
And I’ll give my consent to any government that does not deny a man a
Living wage
D Em C G D
Go find the young men, never to fight again, bring up the banners from
Days gone
G Am C G D Em C D
Cast moderation, heart of this nation, desert us not we are between the
On the first couple of bars of the intro, rest the heel of your hand on
The bridge/bass strings,to mute them a bit
* means strum hard then mute the strings immediately after hitting them
—2bp0— means slightly bend the string as you do the pull-off
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