Мир песен

The days were brighter
Gardens more blooming
The nights had more hope
In their silence the wild was calling
Wishes were whispering
The time was there
But without a meaning

C h o r u s
Away, away in time
Every dream’s a journey away
Away to a home away from care
Everywhere’s just a journey away

The days departed
Gardens deserted
This frail world
My only rest?

The wild calls no more
Wishes so hollow
The Barefoot Boy
Weeping in an empty night

C h o r u s

Cherish the moment
Tower the skies
Don’t let the dreamer
Fade to grey like grass

No falling for life
A gain for every loss
Time gathered me
But kept me flying

«For this gift of dream I must pay the price
with the loss of life’s pleasures»