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From: [email protected] (Marc Hertzberg (History: Love it or leave it!))
Anna (Go To Him)
Intro (play twice… also play over D-Bm sections of verses):
D Bm D
Verse 1:
D Bm D Bm D Bm
Anna you come and ask me girl to set you free girl
D Bm Em A7
You say he loves you more than me so I will set you free
D Bm D Bm
Go with him (Anna) Go with him
Verse 2:
D Bm D Bm D Bm
Anna girl before you go now I want you to know now
D Bm Em A7
That I still love you so but if he loves you more
Go with him
All of my life I’ve been searching for a girl
Who’ll love me like I love her
G Gm
But every girl I’ve ever had breaks my heart and leave me sad
E7 A7
What am I what am I supposed to do oh…
Verse 3:
D Bm D Bm
Anna just one more thing girl
D Bm Em A7
You give back your ring to me and I will set you free
Go with him
Repeat middle part
Repeat verse 3
Bm D Bm
(Anna) Go with him (Anna)
D Bm D
You can go with him girl (Anna) Go with him
Tab Special Notations:
—-0—- play the open string (‘fret zero’)
—-5—- play fret five
—-5~— play fret five with vibrato
—5/7— play fret five, slide up to fret seven
—75— play fret seven, slide down to fret five
—8b(9)— play fret eight, bend the string (at fret eight) to reach
The pitch of fret nine
—b(9)8— play fret eight already bent to the pitch of fret nine,