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From: giovanni
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Subject: TAB: «Alone again (naturally)» by «Gilbert O’Sullivan»

Hi! Here is my arrangement of this Gilbert O’Sullivan song. Even if I heard it only on Tv, I think the chords are right!
Hope you enjoy it and please, send your comments to: [email protected]

Alone Again (Naturally) — Gilbert O’Sullivan
«Maison Ikkoku» opening theme [episode 24] (1986)

In a little while from now,
If I’m not feeling any less sour,
A7dim B7
I promise myself to treat myself
Em Em9
and visit a nearby tower,
Em Em9 Em7/Bb Em9/Bb
And climbing to the top Will throw myself off
D F#+
In an effort to Make it clear to who-
Bm Abm7/C
Ever what it’s like when you’re shattered,
Bbm Bbdim
Left standing in the lurch At a church
Eb Eb7 Abm
Where people, saying «My God,

that’s tough, She’s stood him up.
Bm6 (2) Bm6 (7) Db6/Gb
No point in us remaining, we may as well go home.»
As I did on my own,
Bm6 (7) Fdim/E Db6/Gb
Alone again, Naturally.
A (5)
It seems to me that there are
E (7)
more hearts broken in the world
Bm6 Fdim/E F#m7 B7 (7)
That can’t be mended Left unattended;
What do we do?
Em7/Bb Db6/Gb Db6/Eb
What do we do?
Bm6 Fdim/E Db6/Gb
Alone again, Naturally
Bm6 Fdim/E Db6/Gb
Alone again, Naturally.

Here are te chords!
Bbdim x12320
A7dim xx1212
B7 x21202
Em9 xx2002
Em7/Bb x12030
Em9/Bb x12032
F#+ xx4332
Abm7/C x31142
Bm6 (2) x24234
Bm6 (7) x99797
Db6/Gb x96696
Db6/Eb x66696
Fdim/E x79(10)97