Мир песен

I’d like to get you,
But then I was busy and you
Didn’t want to wait no more
I’d like to love you,
But you always came
In the wrong place
love waits, no, never
You have to get it when it’s here
and now
Otherwise it slips away
And loneliness is the place where
you must stay
My situation
is so hard ’cause I’m full-booked
No time for feelings
I decided to stay on this road
I feel so empty
‘coz I should be happy
But man is always searching
For something that’s too hard (for
me) to reach
Kiss me tenderly
You’re the best song I’ve ever made
Don’t slow me down
Be my symphony tonite!
It’s all an illusion
It’s all a lonely man’s day
And a night dream
Don’t want to be a loser (sophia
I have to find both ends of this path
Don’t stop me now!
I start to dream
’cause I have a great need
I have to get you
Otherwise this song ain’t long
I feel so lonely
But I should be happy
and man’s always searching …
Wanna get you now, fast and hope
it lasts!
Don’t wanna live this life alone!