Virginia was a lot lizard from F.L.A.
She had a compund fracture in the trunk
It started when she ran away
Thumbs out on the interstate
She hitched a ride to Misery

Mr. Whirly had a catastrophic incident
He fell into the city by the bay
He liquidated his estate
Now he sleeps up on the Haight
Panhandling Misery

And he's gonna get high high high
When he's low low low
The fire burns from better days
And she screams why oh why
I said I don't know
The catastrophic hymns from yesterday
Of Misery

Well Vinnie was a hustler out of Amsterdam
He ran the drug cartel in Tinsel Town
They found him in a Cadillac
Bludgeoned with a baseball bat
In the name of Misery

Then Gina hit the road to New York City

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