I’ve got something to tell you
About my heart,
That you hold.....ahum

If you’re down well there’s someone there...ah ah
Don’t you know.....ahum

Well you know there’s a place
Way down deep
Where I hide
I’m in trouble.....ahum

It’s a garden I keep
You don’t know
You can’t find
I’m in trouble.....ahum

I hold you close
You turn away

You know what I want to say

After this love
After the rain
After our river’s run

You’ll fill my eyes
With silver rays
And with a golden sun

I’m still here
If you don’t come
Oh, I’m in trouble.

What do you think about me?
What do you think about me?

Well you know part of me is
Deep in you
You don’t want
All my trouble.....ahum

Won’t walk out
I want to stay

I’d light up your heart
If I found the way

After this love

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