Shake it

You know I can't explain this feeling
Its almost like I'm dreamin
But its reality
You know you give me such a feelin
I finally found a way home
Right where I belong

Ever since the day I prayed
You into my heart I placed
Everything mean to your head
Lord I'm here to stay

With all of my heart
I'm gonna love you
With all of my soul
I'll put all my trust in you
With all of my strength
I'm standin beside you
With all of my everything
I will worship you my king
With all of my heart
(all of my heart)

Ooo Lord I can't define you
So much to know you
The way I do
From now until forever
Promise I will never
Never let you go

Lord I wanna be the one
After all is said and done
I'm now ready and listening
I'm your faithful need


Every night when I close my eyes
I am amazed with how you have blessed my life
And in every way
Nothing compares to having your needs
Every day I love you more than the day before

(three times)

........ I will worship you my king

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