ft. Tank

tonite I'm yours,
turnin' off my two way,
turnin off my phone,
tell my friends to leave so we can be alone,

clear my schedule off cause,
tonite I swear I'm all yours,

[verse 1]
our whole relationship is based on trust,
and for you I can never do too much,
you kept my secrets and held me down,
plus you stayed loyal when I wasn't around,
and I know it wasn't easy I was never home,
concerts, videos, and you was all alone,
we spent many nights talkin on the phone,
you started catchin attitudes I heard it in your tone,
I use to tell you I'd be back when I could,
you think I leave my baby girl in the hood,
I would never do such things,
I wanna show what true love means,
cause I'm a put you on a pedestool,
love so incredible,
victoria secret candy thongs so edible,
spiritual,mental, not just sexual,
I'm deadin all my plans to be next to you,


[verse 2]
I made reservations at your favorite spot,
pull up to valet at the parking lot,
got a table by the fire place, candle lit,
tonite we gone stick to the manuscript,
started out with a bottle of cris',
followed by a kiss
I can taste your lip gloss on my lips,
so candy sweet with your bubble gum tongue,
the type of stuff that keep a brother straight sprung,
and I try to play the tough guy roll,
and hold back but I'm losin control,
when it comes to you I can't explain how it feels,
no more games baby zane is for real,
you been askin for quality time now you got it,
anything you want you can have think about it,
I been caught up in the hype so long,
now you never spend the night's alone cause daddy's home,



all the love that you deserve,
I wanna give( I wanna give to ya babe)
and tonite I'll show you it's for you I live,
everything I do it for you,
and I, so baby let's ride ( let's ride )

[verse 3]
so fella's while you out on the grind,
don't forget about your home front spend some time,
ladies, or the next man will,
treat her like a queen you'll see what I mean,
when's the last time you told her how you felt inside,
held her hand while you carressed her and looked in her eyes,
let her know she everything you need and more,
my feelings are pure, and tonite I'm all yours,


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