I.O.U. Much,
For Everything Going In The World,
Just Makes You Sit Down And Reflect On Everybody
I.O.U Much
That Said A Kind Word Or A Kind Gesture
And I Owe So Much To So Many.
Although I Took A Path Not Commely Chose, And People Might Say I Look Thuggish In Cloths
Although I Still Hear My Peers Sayin Zane U Aint Gonna Make It, I Can Still Hear The Voice Sayin "I Know You Gonna Make It" My Teacher Ms.Johnson Always Had A Kind Word, Not Once Said My Dream Was Obsurd Although I Looked As School As Chore, Class Was So Much More
I Love To See That Lady Limp Thru The Door, Althought She Was Much Much Older She Coulld Still Relate, She Had A Son Of Her Own That Got A Son My Age.
And The Reason I've Been Sayin That She Was And Has Is Cuz A Year Ago Ms.Johson Passed. And Although I Wanna See You To Say I Owe Ya, Im So Glad I Got A Chance Just To Get Know Ya
Look At Me Ms.J Im On Tv.And If I Could I Would Of Told God To Take Me, Take Me (I Owe You)
[Chorus x2:]
I.O.U Much, So Much Baby So Much, To Much Words Dont Explain It
Listen... And To My Mother How Could I Begin To Repay, Nine Months Hard Labor And A Place To Stay, Thru The Years You Were There When I Aint Have No Way Show Me How To Make A Catch
And To My Father, Whos A Straight Hustler, Make Money Outta Dirt, Boy I Gotta Love You, I Had Parents When My Friends Didnt Have Nobody
Glad You Stayed And Stuck Together When It Got Rocky, I Coulda Give You The World Woulda Make A Dent, Toward The Things U Unselflissley Lent, You Gave Your Time And Your Effort
Never Mention The Dough And Listen I Could Go On Some More, Left Your Youth, For All Days, To Raise You, My Cost To Crime Never Gave Me A Chance To Raise The Roof, I Might Be The One Spittin These Words
In This Booth But I Had Is Yours And That's The Truth
[Chrous x2:]
I.O.U Much, So Much Baby So Much, To Much Words Dont Explain It
I O U For All The Times, For All The Times You've Protected Me, For All The Times I Coulda Been Harmed And I Wasnt, I Owe U For All The Good People U Put In My Life, To Guide Me, Support Me. I O U For Every Breath, Every Day.
To God Can I Please Write A I O U Cuz Monatary Figures Just Wont Do, U Can Pull A Plug And Let A Straight Bullet Hit Me, Instead I Feel Protected Like U Really Love Me, I Coulda Been In New York When The Planes Hit, Or Been Chillin With Aayliah When The Tail Flipped
I Can Be Your Missing Child Or Stuck In The System, I Can Be A Rap Artist With No One To Listen, I Guess It Jus Wasnt In Ur Design, It Looks Like You Only Wanted Zane To Shine, So How Can I Pay You Back When I Owe So Much To Ya, I Pray U Take My Soul When Its Time To Come To Ya,
So I Bring Flowers To Ms.Johson For A Class In Heaven, And My Moma A Dimaond Necklace With A Visible Sentence, And My Pops Who Loves A Cadiallic With Rims And Such, And To God, Can My Soul Be Enough?
[Chrous x2:]
I.O.U Much, So Much Baby So Much, To Much Words Dont Explain It
To Ms Johnson, (I Owe U Much)
To My Parents For All Your Help
And I Cant Forget God (I Owe U Much)

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