[Boy Intro:]
Im not trying to be funny, but they sho is jocking
They Be Jocking (2x)
This I Know (2x)
I Get Money On the Low
Im Choppin to the force comes
Im Known to cut your hopes
So I Need To Let You Know
Don’t Make Me (2x)
[Verse 1:]
I don't play fake Joc lays the verse
Jolly Rancher Verts wrist watch Starburst
You need a couple of stacks
Come and get it cash money
You call that ballin’
But shawty that's gas money
Man you the weight man I'll long buy ya
If I get knocked the whole block will want to die
Baby Mama love me
Baby Sista like me
If you say my name watch them hoes get excited
Ain't my fault they cant help it if they blush
I'm not Omarion but they wanna be touched
And it don’t matter where in the house or in my car
They just wanna to get down with a superstar
[Verse 2:]
A Dolla Figure on the kicks I like nice shit
Ask the price tag on my swag (priceless!!!)
I keep a semi-auto so I can drop the top wit it (Aight!!!)
Don't make me snap I'll make ya lean and rock wit it
Dress to impress ('press) fly like a bird (Whoo!!)
Open up the Zip now the Whip smell like Purp
New Joc City been moving 15s
Alpine Amps push button flip screens
Need to watch your ashes dont burn the seats
Candy on the classic they holla Trick-or-Treat
Like niggas got jokes so they call me "Joc Strap"
Nigga think I'm slow betta tell them "Joc strapped"
[Verse 3:]
I'm often by the tap I do this just for fun
It's Dark when I enter when I leave Break of Dawn
The wonder Gucci Shades block ray's from the Sun
Call in sick 'cuz your day's just begun
Splashin' Pine Apple Juice in the Coupe of Carderon
Liquor on my breath so I keep a pack of gum
I keep the Hemi cocked so you know it's not a sayin'
Partner don't hate ya mind's a terrible thang to waste
Block got the keys to the suite I'm on the way
Dolla got them houcci poppin coucci givin' face
5-0-3-2-1 It's a wrap
check the sound scan I'm on fire like a trap
[Chorus:] [2x]

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