Hey, Happning all over again
i was such a fool to think that u would ever change your ways even put your hand upong your heart and said that no one else would take my place.
how was i so blind i trusted every single word u said i know i should have seen the light but i just let your love go to my head. i've takin u back before coz u told me u had changed looked in my eyes & said
beleive me when u broke my heart & u deceived me when u said you'd never beleive me but it's happning
allover again no no no
i promised u myself i'll never make the same mistakes again even though i look for some one else i never really wan't to walk away it seems that your still the same i've just forgot all the pain looked in your eyes u said
Chorus x2
Happning all over again
hey hey why is it happning all over it's happninng all over again
it seems that your just the same i've forgot all the pain left in your eyes
Chorus x5
you broke my heart
Thanks to [email protected]

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