Hey yo what up? (Corner)
Ha ha ya'll know where i'm at
I'm on the (Corner)
For sure
So what I come to do (Corner)
Is let niggas know how I get down

I'm by myself up on this corner, got to stay high
Will I survive in the city where they let the birds fly?
If they bury me, bury me where the key nigga
Tennessee nigga
Passin' the rock like the flea flicker
You all know me nigga
Got the wrist of a chemist
Won't leave the block until my whole pack finished
Niggas mad cause I won't give 'em shit for free
So listen little man you ain't get shit from me
You get out what you out in and hold what you make
Sell all the weight
But give away the shake
Theres some rules to this shit that we live by
Never snitch or your whole family will die
Got throwback money been doin' this for years
Its hard but it is what it is
Tell me if i'm wrong for tryin' to feed my baby
I done took a loss so you niggas better pay me
I'm goin' crazy

I'm by myself up on this (Corner)
(As I walk through these ghetto streets)
I'm by myself up on this (Corner)
(I'm strapped up with my motherfuckin' heat)
I'm by myself up on this (Corner)
(You know I got to get money)
I'm by myself up on this (Corner)
(Fuck all you hatin' ass niggas, come on!)

I was raised in the city
slingin' ever since I was an itty bitty kiddy
Way before I met Fifty
I was gettin' it.. fuckin' with them digital scales
Never fucked with ya'll cause I knew niggas would tell
They say i'm different from the average little young nigga
This is just too much for one nigga
Let 'em say my name
I'm a keep doin' my thing
I put some candy on the Range
And bought another chain
Keep a bag full of rubberbands, money machines
Got to throw it in the washer to make sure its clean
See my P.O. good so she let me smoke
Why violate me?, if i'm gone you broke
You ain't seen nothin' like this ever before
Pac told ya "You take one, you make mo'"
The whole world thuggin' in they own way
I'm just wonderin' what the Lord 'gon say

I'm by myself up on this (Corner)
(I shall fear no man)
I'm by myself up on this (Corner)
(G Unit South)
I'm by myself up on this (Corner)
(Come holla)
I'm by myself up on this (Corner)
(Get my money lets go)

Damn right
You know niggas got to eat
And I ain't just talkin' about me,
My whole fuckin' clique nigga
Real dogs feed the pack ha ha
Thats probably why i'm in here makin' these fuckin' beats
Hey yo 50, hey yo nigga
I told you I know how to fuck with that fuckin' beat machine nigga
I made this fuckin' beat ha ha

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