Aye, Wussup baby
Ya know we been togetha fo' a long time..
Ya know we been thru alot..
We had our ups and downs and shit..
But now gurl I'm ready, wussup

[Verse 1:]
Tha day wheneva since I picked ya up (K'Yeah!)
Ya told me, you'd neva let 'em hit me up (Aiight!)
I believed ja, knowin' in my heart I'd need ja
Put'cha on my waist so no one could see ya (Owhh!)
Boppin' niggas hatchets ya know whudd to do wit'cha (Ha ha)
Used ya up and tomorrow they thru wit'cha (Nigga)
I mite of kicked you out tha car befo'
But I came back to git'cha when they let me go
Had to fill ya up and git'cha back to tha streets (Whudd)
A couple of jobs gotta git done befo' we sleep (Whudd)
I love ya gurl, you done increased my salary
So tonite I'm askin' will ya marry me

Fo' so long dat we been friends (Uhh..)
I neva seen so much in you (We ridin' tonite, we ridin' toniite)
Let's start dis love affair again (Yeah..)
I neva seen so much in you (Riide-ii-ii-Riidee)

[Verse 2:]
Talk to 'em girl let 'em hear ya name
Niggas git scurr'd when you spit out flames (Yeah!)
Ya like when I hold ya and squeeze ya
As soon as ya empty I run to go feed ya (C'monn!)
Point you at people, and when you open ya mouth (Whudd!)
Dese industry niggas find out whudd we'bout
I told ja, ride wit' a soulja
You ain't got time to be trapped in a holsta (Nah!)
When we roll with 'em rememba what I showed ya
Had to remind ya, tha beef's not ova
Here we go gurl, dis is my proposal (Ha ha)
I can feel it, you gittin' closa and closa


So whudd it do shawty
It's me and you.. Ya'know..
I mean, I'm ready.. You (You) ...
You been actin' like ya ready..
Fuck it.. Marry a nigga!
Ha ha ha..

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