[Young Buck:]
Aiyo where my gangstas at nigga?
All my niggas do one thing bust yo motherfuckin' guns
Theres a couple niggas out here talkin' shit
I'm about to kill 2 birds with one stone
[Verse 1: Young Buck]
I can see you scared homies shakin' in ya TV interviews
A cold thing what that nigga 50 done did to you
You desperate
Searching for a friend a helping hand neglected
Its over the streets don't want ya
Ya homies done told ya "Ya know you done fucked up don't ya?"
And we don't give a shit about the niggas you runnin' to
Probably done told ya what Buck said he 'gon do
The funny thang its takin' more time than I thought
Before the Unit catch that ass in New York
Just when you think the beefs over and ya kick ya feet up
Them little bitty niggas pop up with heaters
Some thangs'll never change and war is one of them
Ya homeboy was strapped but ya died in front of him
G Unit is the gang 'till I'm dead and gone
I'm about to kill 2 birds with one stone
Follow me
[Young Buck:]
See niggas know me
Niggas know I ain't from New York
Niggas know I'm Cashville Tenn-a-key
But niggas know I got a couple of enemies around this motherfucker
Some niggas know I ain't havin' it some niggas don't
Alls I'm a say is man Its about to go down
[Verse 2: Young Buck]
Now let me explain something
Cause niggas is straight frontin'
This Shyne nigga really must think its a game or something
I first heard 50 talking about he would fuck with him
My homeboy asked Shyne to see what was up with him
A couple of weeks passed
I asked
Him "have you heard from the cat"?
He said "Nah who knows he might not call back"
On my way to Jacob bout to pick up my chain
I hear Shyne on the radio the shit that hes sayin'
It ain't adding up to what the fuck my ears just heard
Right before you start talking to Irv
Before you meet the general you gotta kill the frontline
Couldn't get rich so you'll probablly die tryin'
And I ain't tryin' to body you nigga I'm just revealing the truth
No matter how many verses you do
Coward I'm through
On your release date when you come home
Shawn he'll probablly tell ya that Buck killed two birds with one stone
[Young Buck:]
This shit crazy man
You niggas is fuckin' crazy man
Hide behind these fuckin' TV cameras and radio interviews and shit
This shit real
G Unit nigga
And I'm through with this shit
[Lloyd Banks:]
Aiyo what up man?
Its ya boy Lloyd Banks
and right now ya tuned into the
GGGGGGG G Unit Radio
Ya heard me?
With my homie my motherfuckin' homie
DJ Whoo Kid
From Sirius Satellite Radio
Put the fuckin' money on me nigga

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