(feat. Hi-C, Sosa)
[Intro: Young Buck]
Its colder than muhfucka outside..
I gotta get this money though, fuck that
[Chorus: Sosa]
Row, row, row, ya boat
Slowly down the street
Smokin' mary, mary, mary, mary
Come and buy yo dope from me
[Verse 1: Sosa]
I hit my first lick, musta been the seventh grade
I came up on a chunk, I bought a coat and pair of J's
And I aint feel bad about it, on the block it was the way
I had to bend the rules a bit, I was tryna eat wit snakes
Bought a pack, paid my momma light billing by the day
You jus witnessed the clubs that you dealt into the game
25 birds on the counter, shit aint changed
My Mexicans, they let me get that chickens to the thang
I smokin' sumthin exquisite ridin' tinted in the range
Diamonds lookin jus like Buck's chain and his ring
Spinnin' through the city watchin menace spillin' caine
Jada-pinkett ridin' wit me lip game insane
[Verse 2: Hi-C]
Sandwich bags of pyrexx and some cocaine
Follow me, as I take you to the dope game
I got felonies, I can't get a nine-to-five
Quarter chickens, 5 G's, now that's time for 5
I cant fuck wit homeboy, I heard he would tell
All black Geneva scales, dope under my fingernails
Hot water, abra-kadabra, ready rocks
All straight and plastic glock, candy-red Chevy drop
Flood this muthafucka, coke all on every block
Tryna be number one like the chain that Nelly got
White square blocks like a baseball field
Embrace all fielders, south, eight, paul kills
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3: Young Buck]
I got my hoopdie on hub caps postin', they lookin fo 24's
They pullin niggas over, they look like they getting dough
I stop at the store, to get some zip-lock bags
Jar full of dro, I gotta get rid of that
You know what they doin folk, aint no need to ask
And if ya only buyin' one, I don't need ya cash
Homie, jus stay in ya weight class and get you a safe stash
Whip it, whip, it, whip it, whip it, nigga then break the glass
These hoes will tell on you, I'm tellin you the truth
And if a hater try to rob you I'm tellin you to shoot

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